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Blocks are basic building materials in Scrap Mechanic. They are distinguished by a blue underline in the inventory.

Blocks are placed by left-clicking and removed by right-clicking. Hold down the mouse button to place or remove multiple blocks at once. This is restricted along one coordinate plane, indicated by the blue arrows in the center of the placement ghost. The placement/removal plane can be changed by pressing Q. The player can place or remove only 16 blocks in both directions from the initial block, making 256 the maximum amount of blocks that can be placed or removed at once.

Image Name Weight
Frame0.png Concrete Block Medium Weight
Frame1.png Wood Block Light Weight
Frame2.png Metal Block Heavy Weight
Frame3.png Barrier Block Light Weight
Frame4.png Tile Block Medium Weight
Frame5.png Brick Block Medium Weight
Glassblock.png Glass Block Medium Weight
Glasstileblock.png Glass Tile Block Medium Weight
Pathlightblock.png Path Light Block Medium Weight
Shipblock.png Maintenance Ship Block Medium Weight
Cardboardblock.png Cardboard Block Light Weight
Challenge Block 1 Light Weight