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Clothing is part of character customization in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Clothing items are unlocked by using a Dressbot. Doing so requires a Garment Box and Cotton.

Unlocked Clothing items become available in the Character menu, which is accessed through the main menu or by using the Wardrobe of a Dressbot.

Outfits[edit | edit source]

Outfits are listed in their customization GUI order. Each item type follows this order.

Image Name Items Notes
OutfitMechanic.png Mechanic none Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack Unlocked by using a Dressbot's Wardrobe.
OutfitCrashMechanic.png Crash Mechanic none Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack Default.
Damaged version of the Mechanic set.
Applicator Outfit.png Applicator Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Automotive Outfit.png Automotive Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Delivery Outfit.png Delivery Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Demolition.png Demolition Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Lumberjack.png Lumberjack Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Farmer.png Farmer Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes none
Engineer.png Engineer Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Painter.png Painter Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Golf.png Golf Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Farmhand.png Farmhand Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes none
Technician.png Technician Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack

Items[edit | edit source]

Slot Image Name Rarity Notes
Hats ApplicatorHat.png Applicator Hat Epic
AutomotiveHat.png Automotive Hat Rare
DeliveryHat.png Delivery Hat Rare
DemolitionHat.png Demolition Hat Epic
LumberjackHat.png Lumberjack Hat Rare
FarmerHat.png Farmer Hat Epic
EngineerHat.png Engineer Hat Rare
PainterHat.png Painter Hat Epic
GolfHat.png Golf Hat Common
FarmhandHat.png Farmhand Hat Epic
TechnicianHat.png Technician Hat Rare
Torso MechanicJacket.png Mechanic Jacket -
CrashMechanicJacket.png Crash Mechanic Jacket -
ApplicatorJacket.png Applicator Jacket Epic
AutomotiveJacket.png Automotive Jacket Rare
DeliveryJacket.png Delivery Jacket Epic
DemolitionJacket.png Demolition Jacket Rare
LumberjackJacket.png Lumberjack Jacket Common
FarmerJacket.png Farmer Jacket Epic
EngineerJacket.png Engineer Jacket Common
PainterJacket.png Painter Jacket Rare
GolfJacket.png Golf Jacket Common
FarmhandJacket.png Farmhand Jacket Common
TechnicianJacket.png Technician Jacket Common
BearingShirt.png Bearing T-Shirt Rare Features a Bearing.
SeatShirt.png "Have a Seat" T-Shirt Common Features a Seat.
CupcakeShirt.png Cupcake T-Shirt Common Features a Sledgehammer embedded in a cupcake.
ControlFreakShirt.png "Control Freak" T-Shirt Common Features a Controller.
LiftShirt.png "Give Me a Lift" T-Shirt Common Features a Lift.
AxolotShirt.png Axolot T-Shirt Common Features the Axolot logo.
SensorShirt.png "I'm Sensitive" T-Shirt Common Features a Sensor.
TotebotMoonShirt.png Three Totebot Moon T-Shirt Common Refers to Three Wolf Moon.
TeamTomatoShirt.png Team Tomato T-Shirt Common Features a Tomato.
TeamBananaShirt.png Team Banana T-Shirt Common Features a Banana.
TeamBroccoliShirt.png Team Broccoli T-Shirt Common Features Broccoli.
TeamBlueberryShirt.png Team Blueberry T-Shirt Common Features Blueberries.
ConnectionsShirt.png Connections T-Shirt Common Features Connect Tool connection lines.
PlayingGameWrongShirt.png "You're Playing The Game Wrong!" T-Shirt Common Refers to the "You're playing the game wrong, stop that!" message seen after falling through the world.
QuackShirt.png "I Don't Give a Quack" T-Shirt Common
LogoShirt.png Logo T-Shirt Common Features The Company logo.
TotebotTotemShirt.png Totebot Totem Pole T-Shirt Common Features Totebot Heads.
TotebotHeadsShirt.png Totebot Heads T-Shirt Common
Gloves MechanicGloves.png Mechanic Gloves -
CrashMechanicGloves.png Crash Mechanic Gloves -
ApplicatorGloves.png Applicator Gloves Epic
AutomotiveGloves.png Automotive Gloves Common
DeliveryGloves.png Delivery Gloves Common
DemolitionGloves.png Demolition Gloves Common
LumberjackGloves.png Lumberjack Gloves Common
FarmerGloves.png Farmer Gloves Epic
EngineerGloves.png Engineer Gloves Common
PainterGloves.png Painter Gloves Common
GolfGloves.png Golf Gloves Rare
FarmhandGloves.png Farmhand Gloves Common
TechnicianGloves.png Technician Gloves Common
Legs MechanicPants.png Mechanic Pants -
CrashMechanicPants.png Crash Mechanic Pants -
ApplicatorPants.png Applicator Pants Epic
AutomotivePants.png Automotive Pants Epic
DeliveryPants.png Delivery Pants Rare
DemolitionPants.png Demolition Pants Common
LumberjackPants.png Lumberjack Pants Common
FarmerPants.png Farmer Pants Epic
EngineerPants.png Engineer Pants Rare
PainterPants.png Painter Pants Common
GolfPants.png Golf Pants Rare
FarmhandPants.png Farmhand Pants Common
TechnicianPants.png Technician Pants Rare
Shoes MechanicShoes.png Mechanic Shoes -
CrashMechanicShoes.png Crash Mechanic Shoes - The left shoe is missing.
ApplicatorShoes.png Applicator Shoes Epic
AutomotiveShoes.png Automotive Shoes Common
DeliveryShoes.png Delivery Shoes Common
DemolitionShoes.png Demolition Shoes Common
LumberjackShoes.png Lumberjack Shoes Common
FarmerShoes.png Farmer Shoes Epic
EngineerShoes.png Engineer Shoes Common
PainterShoes.png Painter Shoes Common
GolfShoes.png Golf Shoes Common
FarmhandShoes.png Farmhand Shoes Common
TechnicianShoes.png Technician Shoes Common
Backpack MechanicBackpack.png Mechanic Backpack -
CrashMechanicBackpack.png Crash Mechanic Backpack -
ApplicatorBackpack.png Applicator Backpack Epic
AutomotiveBackpack.png Automotive Backpack Common
DeliveryBackpack.png Delivery Backpack Common
DemolitionBackpack.png Demolition Backpack Rare
LumberjackBackpack.png Lumberjack Backpack Common
EngineerBackpack.png Engineer Backpack Epic
PainterBackpack.png Painter Backpack Rare
GolfBackpack.png Golf Backpack Epic
TechnicianBackpack.png Technician Backpack Common

Gallery[edit | edit source]