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Clothing is part of character customization in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Clothing items are unlocked by using a Dressbot. Doing so requires a Garment Box and Cotton.

Unlocked Clothing items become available in the Character menu, which is accessed through the main menu or by using the Wardrobe of a Dressbot.

List[edit | edit source]

Outfit Items Rarity Notes
Default (Damaged) Default Jacket (Damaged) - Default.
Default Gloves (Damaged)
Default Pants (Damaged)
Default Shoes (Damaged)
Default Backpack (Damaged)
Default Default Jacket - Unlocked by using a Dressbot's Wardrobe.
Default Gloves
Default Pants
Default Shoes
Default Backpack
Lumberjack Lumberjack Hat Rare
Lumberjack Jacket Common
Lumberjack Gloves
Lumberjack Pants
Lumberjack Shoes
Lumberjack Backpack
Farmhand Farmhand Hat Rare
Farmhand Jacket Common
Farmhand Gloves
Farmhand Pants
Farmhand Shoes
Engineer Engineer Hat Rare
Engineer Jacket Common
Engineer Gloves
Engineer Pants Rare
Engineer Shoes Common
Engineer Backpack Epic
Golfer Golfer Hat Common
Golfer Jacket
Golfer Gloves Rare
Golfer Pants
Golfer Shoes Common
Golfer Backpack Epic
Technician Technician Hat Rare
Technician Jacket Common
Technician Gloves
Technician Pants Rare
Technician Shoes Common
Technician Backpack
Automotive Automotive Hat Rare
Automotive Jacket
Automotive Gloves Common
Automotive Pants Epic
Automotive Shoes Common
Automotive Backpack
Demolition Demolition Hat Epic
Demolition Jacket Rare
Demolition Gloves Common
Demolition Pants
Demolition Shoes
Demolition Backpack Rare
Painter Painter Hat Epic
Painter Jacket Rare
Painter Gloves Common
Painter Pants
Painter Shoes
Painter Backpack Rare
Delivery Delivery Hat Rare
Delivery Jacket Epic
Delivery Gloves Common
Delivery Pants Rare
Delivery Shoes Common
Delivery Backpack
- "Have a Seat!" T-Shirt Common