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Commands can be entered into the chat to accomplish certain tasks.

Command List[edit | edit source]

These commands are only available in Survival Mode with Dev Mode enabled. The descriptions listed are the official in-game help descriptions.

Name Usage In-Game Description Notes
Ammo /ammo [quantity] Give ammo (default 50)
Spudgun /spudgun Give the spudgun
Gatling /gatling Give the potato gatling gun
Shotgun /shotgun Give the fries shotgun
Sunshake /sunshake Give 1 sunshake
Baguette /baguette Give 1 revival baguette
Keycard /keycard Give 1 keycard
Powercore /powercore Give 1 powercore
Components /components [quantity] Give <quantity> components (default 10)
Glowsticks /glowsticks [quantity] Give <quantity> components (default 10) Description is incorrect.
Gives the specified amount of Glowsticks.
Tumble /tumble [true/false] Set tumble state Puts the player into a ragdoll state.
God /god Mechanic characters will take no damage
Respawn /respawn Respawn at last bed (or at the crash site)
Encrypt /encrypt Restrict interactions in all warehouses Enables the ability to remove globally restricted objects.
Enables Encryptor interactions.
Decrypt /decrypt Unrestrict interactions in all warehouses Removes the ability to remove globally restricted objects.
Disables Encryptor interactions.
Limited /limited Use the limited inventory Enables the standard Survival Mode inventory.
Unlimited /unlimited Use the unlimited inventory Enables an inventory similar to Creative Mode inventory, but with all Survival Mode items and objects available.
Ambush /ambush [magnitude] [wave] Starts a 'random' encounter
Recreate /recreate Recreate world Resets the world to its initial state, removing all creations and player-placed objects.
Time of Day /timeofday [value] Sets the time of the day as a fraction (0.5=mid day)
Time Progress /timeprogress [true/false] Enables or disables time progress
Day /day Disable time progression and set time to daytime
Spawn /spawn [name] [group] Spawn a unit: 'woc', 'tapebot', 'redtapebot', 'totebot', 'haybot', 'farmerbot' "farmerbot" is incorrect; the correct name is "farmbot".
Not specifying a name spawns the old male playermodel.
Harvestable /harvestable [name] Create a harvestable: 'tree', 'stone' Can create any harvestable, not just trees and rocks.
Debug /cleardebug Clear debug draw objects
Export /export <name> Exports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/<name>.blueprint
Import /import <name> Imports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/<name>.blueprint
Starter Kit /starterkit Spawn a starter kit
Mechanic Start Kit /mechanicstartkit Spawn a starter kit for starting at mechanic station
Pipe Kit /pipekit Spawn a pipe kit Spawns a blue Chest containing a Vacuum Pump, 10 Vacuum Pipes, and 5 Vacuum Pipe Corners.
Food Kit /foodkit Spawn a food kit
Seed Kit /seedkit Spawn a seed kit
Die /die Kill the player
Set HP /sethp <value> Set player hp value
Set Water /setwater <value> Set player water value
Set Food /setfood <value> Set player food value
Aggro All /aggroall All hostile units will be made aware of the player's position
Go To /goto <name> Teleport to predefined position
Raid /raid <level> [wave] [hours] Start a level <level> raid at player position at wave <wave> in <delay> hours.
Stop Raid /stopraid Cancel all incoming raids
Disable Raids /disableraids <true/false> Disable raids if true
Camera /camera Spawn a SplineCamera tool
Print Globals /printglobals Print all global lua variables
Clear Path Nodes /clearpathnodes Clear all path nodes in overworld
Enable Path Potatoes /enablepathpotatoes [true/false] Creates path nodes at potato hits in overworld and links to previous node

Legacy Commands[edit | edit source]

These commands were the only commands available before Beta 0.4.0.

Name Usage Description
Help /help or /? Lists all available commands
Time /time Toggles timestamps in chat
Crash Game /crashthegame Crashes the game (Possibly for a debug crash?)
List Players /listplayers Lists all players
Console /console Opens the console