Common Known Bugs

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This page lists some common known bugs currently in the game. If there is a way to fix the bug, it will be noted.

See Also: Survival Mode Bugs

Default position[edit | edit source]

Whenever you create a mechanism using bearings which are connected to a controller and you restart the game or reload the world, the bearings will be reset to the default position (the one which you can set in the leftmost circle in the controller). In most cases, this will get the blocks connected to the bearings stuck inside other blocks.

Stuck buttons[edit | edit source]

Pressed buttons aren't released when the player exits a seat.

To reproduce this, place down a button and a seat on a platform of blocks. Connect the button to the seat. Get in the seat, then hold down 1. Without releasing 1, press E. You'll be out of the seat, but the button will still be pressed. Pressing the button again resets it.

Falling through the world[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, falling from very high elevations causes the player to fall through the ground instead of landing. Upon hitting the absolute bottom of the world, they'll be teleported back to the ground, greeted with a dialog that says "Hey! You're playing the game wrong! Stop that!"

Rarely, the player will get stuck in the ground before falling through.

This might have to do with the player's velocity.

Removing objects with the Connect Tool[edit | edit source]

Holding down right mouse in order to remove an object while holding the Connect Tool causes the viewmodel to flicker between the Connect Tool and the crowbar. Also, if the object being removed has hover text ("Press [E] to use"), it will flicker between the text and the removal circle.

This may be limited to machine parts. Further testing is required.