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The Controls for Scrap Mechanic.

Default[edit | edit source]

These controls appear in the options menu and are configurable.

  • Left Click = Mouse 1
  • Right Click = Mouse 2
  • Middle Click = Mouse 3
Name Main Alternate Description
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Jump Spacebar
Crawl Ctrl (When not seated)
Sprint Shift
Create / Attack Left Mousebutton Places an object.
Attack with any Weapon.
Hold to use alignment mode.
Remove / Pick Up Right Mousebutton Removes an object.
Pick up an item or object.
Hold to block with the Sledgehammer (Creative Mode only).
Hold to aim with the Spudgun, Spud Shotgun, and Spudling Gun.
Reverse bearing direction with the Connect Tool.
Use E Interacts with objects.
Opens / closes an Interactive Part or Crafting Station GUI.
Pick up an item or object.
Hold to refine a Resource.
Upgrade U Opens / closes the upgrade GUI for Interactive Parts.
Inventory I B Opens / closes the inventory.
Logbook L Opens / closes the Logbook (upcoming).
Next Rotation Q Shift + Scroll Wheel Scroll Down When the Paint Tool is equipped, opens the color selection GUI.
Previous Rotation Shift + Q Shift + Scroll Wheel Scroll Up
Lift Up Up Arrow Raises the Lift.
Lift Down Down Arrow Lowers the Lift.
Force Build F When held down, allows items such as Water Buckets, Glowsticks, and Food to be placed.
Next Hotbar Item Scroll Wheel Scroll Down Switches to the hotbar slot to the right of the currently selected slot.
Previous Hotbar Item Scroll Wheel Scroll Up Switches to the hotbar slot to the left of the currently selected slot.
Hotbar Item 1-9 1 - 9
Hotbar Item 10 0 Switches to the tenth hotbar slot.
Reset F5 Resets the challenge in Challenge Mode.
Zoom In X Alt + Scroll Wheel Scroll Up Zooms in the third person camera.
Zooming in all the way in switches to first person.
Zoom Out C Alt + Scroll Wheel Scroll Down Zooms out the third person camera.
When in first person, switches to third person.
Chat Enter Opens chat.
Handbook H Opens / closes the Handbook.
Cancel Esc Exits chat and any GUI.

These controls do not appear in the options, but can be rebound by editing keybinds.json.

Name Main Alternate Description
Pause ESC Opens the pause menu.
Hide GUI Alt + Z Hides the HUD and inventory.

These controls are listed in keybinds.json, but do not have a function or have an unknown function.

Name Main Alternate
Stuck K
Camera V Middle Mousebutton Middle Click

Non-Configurable Controls[edit | edit source]

Name Key Description
Look (Pan) - (Moving the Mouse)
Change Camera Mode Ctrl (When seated) Driver or passenger seat
Menu / GUI Cursor - (Moving the Mouse)
Menu / GUI Select Left Mousebutton Left Click