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Harvestables are a type of object in Scrap Mechanic.

Resource[edit | edit source]

Resource Harvestables are objects that produce Resources. They include trees and square rocks.

Small trees can be felled by the Sledgehammer, which can further be used to break down the logs they produce. Large trees require a vehicle equipped with a Saw Blade.

Rocks require a vehicle equipped with a Drill to harvest.

Non-Resource[edit | edit source]

Non-resource harvestables can either be destroyed with the Sledgehammer or interacted with by pressing E or right mouse to obtain items.

Object Location Item(s) Quantity Type
Crops Farming Food
Item-dependent Collect or Break
Pigment Flower Plant Meadow
Pigment Flower 1
Oil Vent Lake Crude Oil 1-4
Cotton Plant Autumn Forest Cotton 1
Corn Plant Meadow
Corn 3-4 Break
Beehive Meadow
Autumn Forest
Beeswax 2-4
Glue Clamshell Lake Glue Clam 1-3
Burned Tree Crash Site
Burned Forest
Ember 2-4