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Lift is one of the Tools in Scrap Mechanic.


The lift is a placeable tool, used mainly for building vehicles.

Only one lift can be placed at a time. When an additional lift is placed, the original one is removed. In multiplayer, this restriction applies per-player (each player may place one lift).

In Survival Mode, the Lift is one of the starting Tools. The player will start with one on the hotbar, and will always respawn with with it. It will never be dropped on death.

Unlike other tools, the Lift cannot be dropped.


The Lift is 4x4x2 units when placed. The lift can be extended by one unit, up to 22 units tall. Despite the dimensions and extension the lift can phase through any static object.


Left-click places the lift on the ground. Then, Blocks or Parts may be placed on top. Use the up and down arrow keys to raise and lower the lift in order to easily access the underside of your creation.

Physics doesn't apply to any objects on the lift. If an attached object is removed, any objects that were attached to it will fall. If you accidentally remove a part and that happens, you can use the Weld Tool to easily reattach the chunk.

To free your creation from the lift, hold right-click on the lift to remove it. Left-clicking on a creation with the lift will "capture" the creation. When the lift is placed again, the creation will already be on it, allowing you to modify it. This is handy for righting vehicles that have overturned or capturing runaway flying machines. Right-clicking when an creation is "captured" will release it from the lift.

Creations with Resources or Produce Crates attached cannot be picked up with the Lift.

Saved Objects[edit]

In Creative Mode, pressing E on an lift will allow access the Blueprint feature, which has Steam Workshop integration. If the lift has a creation on it, you can save, upload, or delete it. The deletion feature is convenient for quickly removing a creation without having to destroy it piece by piece. If the lift doesn't have anything on it, you can load or download a creation.


A remote tool will be shown in the player's hand when the Lift is equipped, with animations for its actions.



  • 0.4.0
    • Added new texture and animation.
  • 0.1.29
    • Added Blueprint system.
  • 0.1.22
    • Increased maximum height to 20 blocks (formerly 16).


  • ???
    • Added Lift.