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Parts are primarily decorative objects. They are distinguished by a green underline in the inventory.

Image Name Weight Category Weight Value
Pipelong.png Small Pipe Long Light Weight 3
Pipesmall.png Small Pipe Short Light Weight
Pipebend.png Small Pipe Bend Light Weight
Pipetee.png Small Pipe Tee Light Weight
Pipecorner.png Small Pipe Corner Light Weight
Pipe4way.png Small Pipe Four Way Light Weight
Pipe4tee.png Small Pipe Four Way Tee Light Weight
Pipe5way.png Small Pipe Five Way Light Weight
Pipe6way.png Small Pipe Six Way Light Weight
Frame19.png Wheel Heavy Weight
Frame20.png Big Wheel Medium Weight
IconBeam.png Short I-Beam Medium Weight
Frame21.png Long I-Beam Medium Weight
Frame22.png I-Beam Corner Medium Weight
Frame23.png I-Beam Holder Medium Weight
Frame24.png I-Beam End Medium Weight
Frame25.png Shelf Heavy Weight
Frame26.png Staircase Landing Medium Weight
Frame27.png Staircase Long Railing Medium Weight
Frame28.png Staircase Short Railing Medium Weight
Frame29.png Staircase Baluster Medium Weight
Frame30.png Staircase Railing Join Medium Weight
Frame31.png Staircase Step Medium Weight
Frame32.png Staircase Banister Medium Weight
Frame33.png Staircase Wedge Medium Weight 6
Frame34.png Staircase Ramp Medium Weight
Frame35.png Ventilation Grid Heavy Weight
Frame36.png Net Fence Light Weight
Frame37.png Metal Support Heavy Weight
Frame39.png Large Support Structure Medium Weight
Frame38.png Support Structure Medium Weight
Frame40.png U-Beam Heavy Weight
Frame41.png Metal Column Heavy Weight
Supportpillar.png Support Pillar Medium Weight
Supportpillarstand.png Support Pillar Stand Heavy Weight
Frame42.png Shelf Pillar Medium Weight
Frame43.png Shelf Support Light Weight
Frame44.png Tall Shelf Support Light Weight
Frame45.png Small Tank Light Weight
Frame46.png Medium Tank Light Weight
Frame47.png Large Tank Light Weight
Frame48.png Metal Window Heavy Weight
Frame49.png Steel Pallet Medium Weight
Frame50.png Table Support Light Weight
Towerpole.png Tower Pole Light Weight
Towertop.png Tower Pole Top Light Weight
Dish.png Satellite Dish Light Weight
Dishreflect.png Satellite Reflector Dish Light Weight
Antenna.png Antenna Light Weight
Antennareflect.png Reflector Antenna Light Weight
Rectwindow.png Small Rectangular Window Light Weight
Squarewindow.png Square Window Light Weight
Bigrectwindow.png Large Rectangular Window Light Weight
Largewindshield.png Large Windshield Light Weight
Windshield.png Small Windshield Light Weight
Exitsign.png Exit Sign Light Weight
Shipdoor.png Maintenance Ship Door Heavy Weight
Frame51.png Duct Corner Light Weight
Frame52.png Duct Holder Light Weight
Frame53.png Duct Join Light Weight
Frame54.png Duct End Light Weight
Frame55.png Duct Long Light Weight
Frame56.png Air Condition Medium Weight
Frame57.png Pipe Short Medium Weight
Frame58.png Pipe Long Medium Weight
Frame59.png Pipe Corner Medium Weight
Frame60.png Pipe Join Medium Weight
Frame61.png Valve Medium Weight
Frame62.png Large Pipe Short Medium Weight
Frame63.png Large Pipe Long Medium Weight
Frame64.png Large Pipe Corner Medium Weight
Frame65.png Large Pipe Join Medium Weight
Frame66.png Wires Long Light Weight
Frame67.png Wires Short Light Weight
Frame68.png Wires Bend Light Weight
Frame69.png Wires Convex Bend Light Weight
Frame70.png Wires Concave Bend Light Weight
Frame71.png Fuse Box Medium Weight
Frame72.png Tubes Short Medium Weight
Frame73.png Tubes Long Medium Weight
Frame74.png Tubes Corner Medium Weight
Frame75.png Tubes Join Medium Weight
Frame76.png Wooden Crate Medium Weight
Frame77.png Vegetable Box Heavy Weight
Frame78.png Cucumber Box Light Weight
Frame79.png Carrot Box Light Weight
Frame80.png Banana Box Light Weight
Frame81.png Fruit Box Heavy Weight
Frame82.png Onion Box Medium Weight
Frame83.png Beetroot Box Medium Weight
Orbox.png Orange Box Medium Weight
Frame84.png Plant Container Light Weight
Frame85.png Open Plant Container Light Weight
Frame86.png Toilet Paper Light Weight
Frame87.png Sink Medium Weight
Mug.png Mug Light Weight
Frame88.png Mannequin Boot Light Weight
Hand.png Mannequin Hand
Frame89.png Baby Duck Statuette Light Weight
Frame90.png Screw Light Weight
Frame91.png Nut Light Weight
Frame92.png Skull Sign Light Weight
Frame93.png Construction Zone Sign Light Weight
Frame94.png Caution Sign Light Weight
Frame95.png Danger Sign Light Weight
Frame96.png Stop Sign Light Weight
Frame97.png Beware Of Farmbots Sign Light Weight
Frame98.png Welcome Sign Light Weight
Frame99.png Do Not Enter Sign Light Weight
Frame100.png Falling Objects Sign Light Weight
Arrowsign.png Arrow Sign Light Weight
Cone.png Traffic Cone Light Weight
Mattress.png Mattress Light Weight
Pillow.png Pillow Light Weight
Frame101.png Grass Container Medium Weight
Frame103.png Potted Plant Medium Weight
Frame102.png Small Potted Plant Medium Weight
Frame104.png Potted Vine Plant Medium Weight
Frame105.png Big Pot Medium Weight
Frame106.png Potted Seed Plant Medium Weight
Blomcact.png Potted Blooming Cactus Light Weight
Cact.png Potted Cactus Light Weight
Flower.png Potted Blue Flower Light Weight