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Disambig.png This article is about robot enemies. For crafting station bots, see Crafting Stations.

Robots are enemies in Scrap Mechanic.


Robots spawn during Raids and also naturally in the world.


Name Variant Health Attack Damage Drops Spawn Chance Spawn Chance Multiplier
Totebot Green 15 15 Circuit Board
Totebot Head
10 0.33
Haybot - 25 20 (Poke)
30 (Swing)
Scrap Metal
Circuit Board
Component Kit
Tapebot Blue 10 55 Battery
Component Kit
Red 62
Farmbot Red 400 10 (Kick)
35 (Swipe)
4 (Pesticide Cloud, impact)
10 (Pesticide Cloud, per sec)
Warehouse Key
Component Kit
Circuit Board