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Survival Mode is an upcoming Game Mode in Scrap Mechanic.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

The player character is a robot maintenance mechanic, sent to an automated agricultural planet to look after the worker robots. The mechanic's spaceship crash-lands on the planet, leaving them stranded. Quickly, they discover that the Farmbots have malfunctioned, attacking the mechanic on sight. The player must fight the Farmbots and scavenge for items to stay alive.

Known Features[edit | edit source]

The following features have been mentioned in official sources (devblogs, YouTube videos, Twitter, TIGSource forums, the game files, or the game itself).

  • Player health
    • Restored by eating food
  • Limited inventory
    • Items can be stacked
  • Crafting
  • Link various machines with tubes to craft items in steps
  • Craftbot
  • Refinery
    • Turns raw materials into usable items, such as logs into Wood Blocks
  • Can cut down trees to obtain logs
  • Farmbots
    • Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue variants
    • Small variant
  • Totebot parts
    • Possibly from a variant of Farmbot
  • Consumable food
    • Corn
    • Cucumbers
    • Potatoes
  • Spud Gun weapon
    • Uses potatoes as ammo
    • Can be attached to vehicles
    • Modular parts
      • Parts change its functionality
      • Can convert into sniper rifle, Gatling gun, pistol, or shotgun
      • Attachment areas: barrel, sight, stock, grip, magazine
  • Exo-Suit
  • Start game in a crashed spaceship
    • Starting items obtained from the spaceship
  • Obtain items by scavenging warehouses
    • Farmbots spawn inside
  • Farming
  • Sledge Hammer can deal damage with left-click and block attacks with right-click
  • Paint Tool will require ink container ammo
  • Biomes
    • Scrapyard
      • Piles and pillars of scrap
      • Inhabited by large robots
  • Day-night cycle
  • Blade or drill part
  • Small Storage Crate and Large Storage Crate
    • Can store items
    • Can be attached to vehicles
  • Farmer Cars
    • Premade vehicles
    • Can be broken down into scrap and parts
    • Spawns in the world
    • Customizable rims/hubcaps
      • Can be detached and replaced
  • Clothing
  • Gas Can

Speculated or Implied Features[edit | edit source]

These features have not been officially mentioned, but are strongly suspected to be a part of Survival mode.

  • Scrap items
    • Can craft parts from scrap and/or break down parts into scrap
  • Items can be dropped
  • Dryland Biome
  • Wooden Crates, food crates, and plant containers spawn in generated structures
  • Thruster, Gas Engine, and Electric Engine require fuel or electricity to function
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