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Overview[edit | edit source]


Vehicles are a very important aspect of the game. They have many uses such as mining rocks or chopping down trees with saws or flying above the trees.

Power Sources[edit | edit source]

The Main Power Sources in the game include electric, gas and thrusters.

Some creative mechanics have found out how to make engines out of pistons or controllers.

How to make a good vehicle[edit | edit source]

First you want to figure out what you want your vehicle to do. Is it a flyer or a car?

Cars[edit | edit source]

If it is a car then you have to figure out what it will do. Will it be a resource gather or a scout car?

Resource gather

  1. Has to have someway to gather things such as logs or stone and metal. A drill or a saw would work
  2. Resource collector to gather up the resources
  3. Can carry lots of stuff

Scout/Exploration Car

1. Pick which type
  • Scouts.
    • Fast
    • Nimble
    • Light
    • Cant take many hits
    • Efficient
    • Storage
  • Tanks
    • Can take many hits
    • Lots of room for storage
    • Room for others
2. Make a plan
3. Get resources to make it
4. Build
5. Explore!

Flyer[edit | edit source]

Flyers are more of a later game thing. They chug gas and are expensive in the beginning.

Once you make your flyer it is worth it. You can fly above the trees and zoom across the map (Bring extra fuel!).